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Back in the late 70's my boss retired from his radio communications job on an oil freighter. Having a friendship with the owner of ORVAC Electronics in CA, He thought he might like the electronics parts biz. So he located NORVAC Electronis in Beaverton. Incorporated in 1977, he created a growing business that saw the electronics industry change from tube to transistors. In the early 80's He pushed the expansion of NORVAC into Eugene Oregon with a new store front. As Oregon became a hot bed of technology, He saw an opportunity to expand into the Salem area in a location that was closed in 1988 by JW Electronics. The start of 1989 marked the 3 store chain era of NORVAC. Through the 1990's We saw the rapid expansion of the personal computer in to homes and businesses. Where NORVAC forged strong relationships with industry leaders for both the sales and purchasing side of our business. Brands like 3M, Intel, Welch-Allyn, even Nike graced our customer roster. With the housing bust and tumultious times of the 2000's NORVAC saw it's customers through it with helpful products on the shelves and knowlegable people behind it's counters. Much like today we're still here to help.

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