Onsruth Industries (OILI) keeps critical ballast and cargo control instrumentation aboard ships and oil rigs calibrated and up to date. Much of the service provides support services for Trans Sonics and Foxboro instrumentation (aircraft carrier, submarine, super tanker to oil rig) OILI will be there for your needs. In areas where a manufacturer no longer produces a particular item, OILI will rebuild or reverse engineer to provide replacement circuit boards and sensors.

Submarines, aircraft carriers, LPD'S, LST's, FE's to barges Onsruth Industries (OILI) at one time or another has been involved with design and service. FLIR infared cameras are used to inspect electrical panels, substations and connections to predict possible future failures. This allows for service before catastrophic failure.

We engineer and install satellite and specialized antenna systems for industry, government and the consumer (using but not limited to C, KU, X and S bands). OILI systems track geostationary as well as low earth orbit, "LEO" satellites. Many radio and television stations have used the services of OILI as well as cable access television and local community television organizations. OILI engineers and maintains low power radio, television stations and cable access studios. OILI also provide FCC forms and site surveys necessary for licensing LPTV and LPR.

OILI also designs and manufactures specialized equipment used primarily by the marine industry, often reversing engineering equipment the OEM manufacturer is no longer building or they themselves are no longer in business.

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