PLASMAtech, Inc.PLASMAtech, Inc.PLASMAtech, Inc.
Surface Engineering Solutions
with Low Pressure Gas Plasma

Specializing in
High Performance Dry Coatings for

• Wettability   • Bonding
• Low CoF/Slip
• Primer / Tie Layers   • Custom Tailored


• Gas Plasma   • PECVD
• R&D/Table-top
• Custom Chambers

Contract Processing

• Cleaning   • Coating
• Surface Modification
• Process R&D

An environmentally-friendly technology, microwave plasma is extremely versatile and is used for ultra-pure cleaning, polymer surface modification and deposition of thin film coatings (PECVD). We offer various proprietary coatings to address specific needs, including:

Lubricious, low CoF

• Reduces drag of rubbers and elastomers
• Repels lint, other contaminants on silicone
• Anti-static properties
• Base material durometer is not affected

PLASMAtech, Inc.MicroTIE
Bondable primer layer

• Permits direct over-mold or bonding to metal
• Replaces caustic phosphoric/chromic conversion methods
• Polymer-to-polymer; metal-to-polymer; metal-to-metal

High surface energy, hydrophilic

• Provides permanent hydrophilicity on polymers
• Excellent optical properties
• Can be customized for selective surface
receptivity to various media

Hydrophobic, passivation

• Reduces surface energy
• Barrier properties

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