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Pacor, Inc. is a major fabricator and distributor of thermal and acoustical insulation products for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) markets, and a manufacturer of such proprietary products as RapidWrap™ Removable Insulation Covers and UltraGard® aerogel precut pipe wrap. With extensive fabrication capabilities, the company has served a diverse number of industries for over twenty years. Included among these industries are: HVAC, Power Generation, Light Commuter Rail, Acoustical, Refining and Petrochemicals, Commercial Food Equipment, Appliances, Industrial Heating Equipment, Foundries, and Aerospace.

Pacor is both a Johns Manville Select Master Fabricator as well as the authorized OEM fabricating partner for Aspen Aerogels. Pacor Inc. has the experience, creativity and resources to solve your most complex insulation fabrication problems. Put the Pacor Inc. experience and creativity to work for you in one of the following areas: Fabricated Thermal & Acoustical Insulation Products, RapidWrap® Custom Made Removable Insulation Covers, Aerogel Insulation.

Pacor, Inc.Pacor, Inc.Pacor, Inc.Pacor, Inc.Pacor, Inc.

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