Pave Tech hermetically sealed electrical and fiber optic bulkhead feedthroughs, packing glands, passthroughs, penetrations, passthrus, feed throughs, hermetic penetrations, sealed penetrator, feed-thru, headers, feedthru for vacuum or pressure seals are helium or gas leak tight seals.

PAVE Technology electronic vacuum or pressure hermetic passthrough and feedthroughs are a oil, fluid, fuel, gasoline, diesel, fuel injection, fuel pumps, jet fuel, aviation fuel, low emission and moisture tight seals.

PAVE-Mate penetrators and hermetic connectors seal multiple pins. Pave Technology Co feedthroughs seal any type of electrical or fiber optic cable or insulated wires using epoxy and urethane molding technology and not glass seals. Underwater, submersible or marine feedthrus are also designed using Pave seals. Fiber optic feedthrough seal single or multi-mode cables.

Hermetic capacitance probes are available. PAVE-Mate feedthroughs connectors have either dual sided quick disconnecting cable plugs or single sided disconnects and are supplied with the mating cable or wire plugs for power, thermocouple, d-sub, micro-d, rectangular, coaxial, signal, high density, d-subminiature connectors. flex circuit and miniature connector designs.

PAVE also offers high current copper rod terminal seals in NPT or jam nut, o-ring face seal housings in various metals including aluminum, stainless steel and brass. Laser welded hermetic seals are also available. Wire connector terminations can be specified on all PAVE seals.

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