Founded in Princeton, New Jersey in 1959 by Henry E. Payne III, Payne Engineering Company today carries on with the same mission it has had since the very beginning: to provide practical solutions for controlling power to motors and process heating applications with solid state power switching technology.

We didn't "introduce" solid state controls when market conditions made them fashionable, we PIONEERED the commercial application of this technology in the late 1950's. Our engineering, research and development, design, and manufacturing experience and resources have always been singularly dedicated to providing solid state controls that out-perform and outlast any electromechanical product available.

Our product scope over the years has evolved into the industry's broadest, comprising all solid state, maintenance-free replacements for electromechanical motor controls, power relays, variable transformers, saturable reactors, and mercury relays. Standard catalog items exist to meet almost any application requirements.

Continuous investment of research time and engineering resources in advanced power semiconductor protection methodologies assures a level of reliability unmatched by any other solid state controls.

"2 ms" fuses, selected according to strict criteria for clearing time and total energy let-through, protect power semiconductors against short circuits;
Proprietary heatsink designs allow air cooling with no fans and no thermal degrading;
"Voltage Breakover Clamping" protects power semiconductors against transient voltage spikes independent of PIV ratings.

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