2011 IEEE EMC Symposium Video

2011 IEEE EMC Symposium Video2011 IEEE EMC Symposium Video

Pearson Electronics is pleased to celebrate its 56th year of designing and manufacturing Precision Wide Band Current Monitors, High Voltage Pulse Transformers, and Capacitive Voltage Dividers.

Wide Band Current Monitors and Clamp-on Current Monitors

Reasons to choose a Pearson Electronics Wide Band Current Monitor:

  • Precise measurement of AC current to include transients, pulse, harmonics, EMI, sine-wave, RF and other complex current wave shapes.
  • Excellent frequency response, ranging from 0.7Hz to 350MHz. Most popular models 1Hz to 20 MHz ± 3dB.
  • 1% accuracy, or better, across the mid-band
  • View current in the range of 100 microAmps to 1 megAmp.
  • Rise times as short as 1.0 nanosecond, droop as low as 0.05% / millisecond
  • Shielded and ohmically isolated from the circuit for operation in noisy environments.
  • Immediately available in many sizes and configurations, including clamp-on.

Capacitive Voltage Dividers

Pearson high voltage capacitive voltage dividers can accurately view wave-shapes of high voltage pulses up to 500kV.

Customized division ratio and calibration for use in oil or air are available.

High Voltage Pulse Transformers

Pearson high voltage pulse transformers generate pulse output voltages from 100kV to 500kV. Pulse lengths ranging from 0.25 to 50 microseconds.

Open frame design combined with insulating oil creates a fault-tolerant self-healing system. Inquiries for pulse transformers can be made by completing the pulse transformer requirement sheet on Pearson's website.

Pearson Electronics remains committed to being the industry leader in this market.

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