Established 1946

Pepka Spring Co., Inc.Pepka Spring manufactures compression, extension, torsion springs and round wire forms using a variety of materials. They maintain short lead times and quick deliveries. Quality and customer service are important to Pepka Spring; that is why they provide a 24 hour or less turn around on most quotes. Small, medium, and large quantities.

The easiest way to get a quote is to email Pepka Spring a print or specification, or fax them, but you are welcome to call!

Pepka Spring Co., Inc.


Pepka Spring manufactures Compression, Extension, and Torsion springs and Round wire forms using wire from size .006" (0.15mm) to .437" (11mm).

Material Types
• Music Wire ASTM A 228
• Oil Tempered MB
• Chrome Silicon & Chrome Vanadium
• Stainless Steel types; 302, 316, 17-7Ph, & Inconel 600
• Hard Drawn
• Phosphorous Bronze
• Brass (Spring Brass)
• Other materials are available if required

Pepka Spring Co., Inc.Lead Time
Normal production lead time is 2 to 4 weeks. Pepka Spring can work with customer emergencies, however, items that have a special finish such as plating or painting and special packaging may require a longer delivery.

CNC Spring Coiler
These new coilers can produce complex springs with variable pitch, conical diameters, concave and barrel forms. These machines coupled with intelligent gauging systems can provide better quality (6s and precise Cpk’s) at increased speeds.

Pepka Spring Co., Inc.CNC Wire Forming Machine
These versatile machines have computer controlled servo motor wire feed and separate servo controlled cam operation, giving them the ability to form, coil, bend, and loop a variety of parts using wire sizes from .014" (0.36mm) to .080" (2mm).

Automatic Grinders
Pepka Spring has grinders capable of economic precision grinding, with 0.100" (2.5mm) to 2.625" (66.7mm) Outside Dia., in lengths up to 8" (203mm) Over All Length. A wide selection of cutting stones gives them the ability to grind a variety of spring materials.

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