Making Magnetic Encoder and Sensor Solutions Work... Permanently

Phoenix America Inc. is leading the introduction of magnetic based encoder and sensor solutions through developing not only robust encoder packaging, but custom magnetic materials, thus ensuring a complete magnetic solution from a single engineering-driven organization.

Phoenix America Inc. brings over hundred years of magnetic sensor and encoder experience to your team. Founded in 2000, Phoenix America Inc. started from buying selected assets of Xolox, once a leader in the magnet and disk drive industry.

What makes Phoenix America Inc. unique is that their capabilities and offerings not only include the design development and manufacturing of encoders and sensors, but the magnetic compounds and magnetic targets as well. A customer that teams with Phoenix America Inc. has the opportunity to purchase the total magnetic solution. Every answer is shipped exactly to the need of the application.

Phoenix America Inc. is led by a management team which is deep has a deep history in the Magnetic and Sensor fields. Located in the heart of the Midwest, Fort Wayne, IN, Phoenix America Inc. is strategically located to service short lead times to any location in the continental United States. Phoenix America Inc. is just minutes away from the Fort Wayne International Airport.

Phoenix America, Inc.

Magnetic Sensors

Phoenix America Inc. magnetic sensors can be used to determine rotational speeds with resolution up to 60 cycles per revolution and the location or passage of a target with very rapid response times and very highly repeatable actuation points.

Phoenix America, Inc.

Magnetic Encoders

Phoenix America Inc. rotary magnetic encoders employ magnetic based technology reaching multiple channel outputs with resolutions topping 10,000 counts per revolution.

Phoenix America, Inc.


Phoenix America Inc.’s radial, multi-pole magnetized target wheels are uniquely constructed of a proprietary mix of magnet materials and engineering thermoplastics.

Phoenix America, Inc.

Flow Sensing

Phoenix America Inc.’s proprietary thermoplastic based bonded magnetic materials allow for intricate shapes and form factors to be developed.

Phoenix America, Inc.


It is rare that Phoenix America's custom Engineering products need additional hardware for use in their customers' applications. But, when necessary, Phoenix America Inc. offers an array of hardware choices.

Phoenix America, Inc.

Custom Molded Magnets

The Phoenix America Inc. Technical team has literally invented many of the magnetic powders in use today. There is not a magnet of any shape or material which Phoenix America Inc. cannot service.

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