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Process Control Outlet was founded in 1995. Their primary market has been the Process Control Industry and they specialize in the Computer Control segment of that market. PCO provides material and software support, repair and field service along with Systems Integration and Training at their Baytown, Texas facility. They have designed, engineered, and manufactured several devices specific to the Process Industry. They continue to provide support and after-market engineering improvements incorporating state-of-the-art hardware and software to “Legacy” and “Traditional” process equipment.

PCO has developed a process control system for NASA that flew on the Space Shuttle in 2001 and 2002 and is part of an ongoing cancer treatment experiment aboard the International Space Station. They incorporate onsite sheet metal and paint shop facilities along with extensive inventories of spare parts and assemblies, both electronic and electromechanical. Their primary service area is the Continental US; however, they routinely provide on-site service to customers in Canada and Mexico and component-level depot repair for clients worldwide.


  • When traditional recording media became outmoded, PCO worked with their customers to develop hardware interfaces and software conversions that allowed the use of modern data acquisition techniques and preservation media while maintaining their imbedded legacy control and data processing systems.

  • PCO developed a hardware converter that would allow customers with traditional RGB video controllers incorporating low resolution, high radiation monitors to use modern VGA, SVGA monitors and LCD panels providing high resolution with low radiation viewing for their operators.

  • PCO replaced power-robbing analog power supplies with modern, high frequency switching power modules saving more that 50% in initial power consumption while allowing higher wattage output. Savings greater than 75% in weight, space and thermal dissipation have been noted while power factor correction and provisions for higher levels of monitoring and greater reliability have been additional benefits.

PCO's goal is to supply industry professionals with the best products and services in the electronics and process control fields. They strive to provide invaluable solutions to meet your company needs and to ensure an outstanding technical experience.

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