RFM (RF Monolithics, Inc.)

Celebrating 30 Years Wireless Communications Leadership. Building on three decades of experience in low-power radio frequency (RF) products, today RFM (NASDAQ: RFMI) is enabling OEM design engineers to connect and network more devices, equipment and processes than ever before.

Whether You “Make” or “Buy” -- RFM Has What You Need. RFM is one of very few wireless communications suppliers with a depth of product portfolio that includes RF Components, Subsystem Short-Range Radios and RF Modules and Boxed Radios. As a result, RFM understands the key issues design engineers consider when making a decision to make an RF circuit from a short-range radio chip-set or to embed a third-party RF module.

RF MODULES & BOXED RADIOS: Choose from a broad selection of pre-certified RF Modules from a single supplier. 802.11b/g, ZigBee / 802.15.4, Proprietary FHSS, Proprietary Mesh, Serial Modems, I/O Modems, Serial-to-Ethernet Access Points, and Ethernet Bridges.

In 2006 through the acquisition of Cirronet, RFM added RF Modules and Boxed Radio products to the company’s product portfolio. Since then, RFM has introduced three new product families to its line of RF Module products, making RFM’s RF Modules portfolio one of the most extensive in the market.

RF Modules enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to quickly embed wireless communications into their products. They are attractive to OEMs that desire to save time, effort and costs associated with designing, testing, certifying, and manufacturing a radio circuit for an end-product. RF Modules are highly cost-effective for a wide range of production levels.

SAW-BASED and RFIC SUBSYSTEM SHORT-RANGE RADIOS: Select from an assortment of ultra-low-power RF integrated circuits (RFICs) and surface acoustical wave (SAW) subsystem short-range radios from RFM. 300 MHz – 2.4 GHz.

RFM has been offering Short-Range Radios since the early 1990s when the company first introduced its patented Amplifier-Sequenced Hybrid (ASH) radio architecture. ASH technology integrates SAW filtering and frequency control components into a single hybrid radio which greatly simplifies and speeds up the RF design task.

In 2005 RFM introduced a line of RFICs featuring an integrated PLL, IF and Baseband circuitry which significantly minimizes external component count and greatly simplifies and speeds up design-in. RFM Short-Range Radios are attractive to OEMs that design their own RF circuit. OEMs choose RFM Short-Range Radios for their superior performance and cost-effectiveness. They are highly cost-effective in high volume applications.

RF COMPONENTS: Choose from a wide variety of frequencies, bandwidths and packages from RF Components leader - RFM. SAW Resonators, SAW Narrowband Front-End Filters, SAW RF / IF Filters, and Frequency Control (Voltage Control Oscillators, VCSO Timing Clock for Optical Networking, Diff Sin Wave Clock, Crystal Filters and Oscillators and Resonators.)

In 1979 RFM was founded as a manufacturer of SAW- and Crystal-Based RF Components used in low-power unlicensed communications equipment. Over 30 years later, RFM continues to introduce innovative RF Component products to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers. OEMs choose RFM RF Components for their superior performance and reliability.

RFM also provides custom-designed filter components for high volume applications.

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