Randolph Austin Co.

In 1947, Randolph Austin Co. began to build and sell peristaltic pumps out of Houston, Texas. Since 1974 their pump and tubing operations have been located in Manchaca, Texas. As one of the oldest manufacturers of peristaltic pumps, Randolph has maintained a loyal following by delivering rugged, reliable and simple to use peristaltic pumps. They machine all the components of their pumps to their exacting specifications and extrude their own tubing. Their ability to control every facet of the manufacturing process continues to ensure prompt delivery of a quality product.

The Randolph pump can be found working in industries such as printing, food, pharmaceutical, nuclear, and wastewater. With many standard models available for quick delivery, they also provide custom solutions to various applications.

In addition to their pumps and tubing, Randolph Austin offers capabilities in gear fabrication, custom machining, water-soluble polymers, and custom extrusion. Their rubber molding and compounding facilities have recently moved to CPI in Kyle, Texas.

Randolph Austin Co.

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