Innovative, Cost-Effective, and Interoperable—Intelligent Industrial Automation Software

ReLab delivers world-class industrial automation software that enables customers to implement robust automation solutions faster and more effectively. The SCADA, OPC, HMI, communication, and integration software use superior technology that is fully interoperable with industry-standard solutions. Our automation solutions provide flexibility to meet unique needs and challenges of multiple industries.

ReLab Benefits

  • Ease of use and interoperability with the most advanced features
  • The best automation solution in a broad range of industrial applications
  • Support that identifies the root cause of problems and works with customer to resolve
  • Scalable products that can grow and adapt with no or minimal cost

Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Storage

Industry-leading solutions for substation automation, phasor implementation, power plant automation and control, protection and control.

Industrial Automation

ReLab solutions have the flexibility to integrate, manage and control a wide range of manufacturing automation technologies.

Sample Products


ClearView SCADA

ClearView Enterprise SCADA

Communications & Integration

IEC-61850 MMS OPC Device Driver

IEC-61850 GOOSE OPC Device Driver

Schweitzer OPC Device Driver

IEC-60870-5-101 Slave Server

IEC-60870-5-104 Slave Server

Modbus Serial Slave Server

Modbus TCP/IP Slave Server


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