Metallurgy Engineering

Reitz Consulting, Ltd. provides metallurgy engineering, failure analysis, non destructive testing and expert witness services. This company has been in business since 2000. Dr. Reitz is the owner / Principal and conducts all investigations. Dr. Reitz is a registered Professional Engineer and adjunct Professor.

Should the need arise, Reitz Consulting conducts courses on materials-related subjects such as metallurgy engineering, failure analysis, surface modification and material selection. Contact Reitz Consulting at 701-235-0859 and discover how your company can benefit from a materials expert.

Reitz Consulting, Ltd. specializes in metallurgical investigations to determine if failures and accidents were caused by abuse, use of wrong material, improper heat treatment, design errors, or other reasons. Engineering analyses, calculations, physical testing and technical literature reviews can be performed to characterize mechanical loading, performance, properties and understand the governing principles.

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