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Relay Specialties is one of the world's largest distributors of industrial electronic components specializing in relays, switches, circuit breakers, terminal blocks, timers, sensors, controls and thousands of other electromechanical components. We pride ourselves by offering technical expertise and off the shelf delivery.

MagneticsAt Relay Specialties we know you need to keep your production lines moving. That's why we're always looking for manufacturers who deliver the latest technology and competitive pricing. Some of these manufacturers are very well known and some you may not be aware of. What they all have in common is the highest quality and our promise to stock them in-depth for quick off-the-shelf-delivery. You can Rely on Relay to keep pace with the ever changing electronic industry. As your needs change or your focus shifts Relay will be there with the products you need — just like we have been for the last 33 years.

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