Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, Rieke Metals, Inc. has been producing high quality compounds since 1992. Rieke Metals, Inc. offers technology in the preparation of highly reactive metals and unique organometallic reagents made from these metals. They sell highly reactive zinc and magnesium. They also offer several hundred novel organozinc reagents and Grignard reagents. Their current list of fine organic chemicals numbers over 10,000. In addition, they supply more than 350 thousand molecules under research contract. Among these fine organic chemicals are a large number of heterocyclic compounds. They offer a unique line of fine organic chemicals for drug discovery. Rieke Metals, Inc.
Rieke Metals, Inc. is a world leader in the supply of organic conducting polymers. They manufacture high quality 3-alkyl polythiophenes with exceptional regioregularity. These polymers are highly soluble in organic solvents. They recently have added water soluble polythiophenes. All of their polythiophenes are characterized by high quality and reproducibility. They can supply grams to multi-kilograms. Rieke Metals is constantly adding new polymers and fine organic chemicals.
Rieke Metals, Inc. Rieke Metals, Inc. offers a wide range of organometallic technology for the synthesis of complex organic molecules. This technology centers on highly reactive metals which have been developed over the past twenty years. The reaction of Rieke® metal powders with a variety of organic substrates yields a wide range of novel organometallic reagents, many of which are unattainable utilizing standard methods. Highly reactive metal chemistry for which Rieke Metals, Inc. offers special technology includes magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium, nickel, indium, cadmium, aluminum, and several other metals. Research size quantities are immediately available for all compounds described in this catalog. Pilot plant quantities or bulk manufacturing quantities are available on selected materials.

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