For more than 50 years, Ronan Engineering has manufactured reliable and leading-edge instrumentation systems. As providers of real-time monitoring and measurements of critical process control points, Ronan has kept some of the world's largest plants, factories, hospitals and facilities running safely and efficiently. Ronan has established manufacturing, sales and service facilities in California, Kentucky and the United Kingdom.

Ronan Engineering has enjoyed continuous growth over the years as a result of innovative management dedicated to the fulfillment of our customers' needs. We pride ourselves in supplying quality products with excellent mechanical design and state of the art electronic circuitry to monitor and display industrial plant conditions in diverse industries.

Our domestic and internationally based engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to quickly service our customers' requirements with a large variety of standard products and customized systems in the most economical terms. Proven product reliability, consistent after-sales service, and our willingness to apply corporate resources to solve problems, has given us recognition in both the material processing and power industries.

Starting with Relay Alarm Systems (annunciators), Ronan made the obvious technological progression by manufacturing the first solid-state integrated circuit type annunciator on the market, assuring virtually unlimited system life. In keeping with rapidly changing electronic component development, Ronan was first to introduce a stand-alone microprocessor controlled annunciator, enhancing reliability, mechanical packaging density, and ease of operation. Continuous research and development has kept Ronan's product line the most advanced in the industry.

A history of FIRSTS:

• First solid-state, integrated circuit annunciator on the market.
• First to introduce a stand-alone, microprocessor-controlled annunciator.
• First graphical, multi-mode, networked alarm annunciator.

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