Roura Material Handling, Inc. is the ORIGINAL producer of the Self-Dumping Hopper. The company was founded in 1915, and developed the Self-Dumping Hopper in the early 30’s. Roura has devoted more time and resources to product development than any other hopper manufacturer, maintaining leadership in the industry and keeping the Roura Hopper the top of the line. With manufacturing facilities in Michigan and Mississippi, Roura has earned a reputation for superior customer service and building the strongest, most reliable products available.

Roura Material Handling, Inc.

Ultimate Strength Hopper

Through the years, the Roura Hopper has found its way into a variety of industries with many different uses and applications and has become a major material handling problem solver and manpower saver in the glass, building products, construction, mining, milling, woodworking, food processing, solid waste management, agricultural, and manufacturing industries, as well as foundries and stamping plants, just to name a few. Roura Hoppers will handle almost any material, wet or dry, hot or cold.

Roura produces a premier line of hot rolled steel hoppers which includes: Rugged (3/16” hot rolled steel plate bodies), Durable (10 and 12 ga. steel bodies), and Ultimate Strength (1/4” steel bodies) Hoppers through 5 cu. yd. capacities and Behemoth Hoppers through 10 cu. yd. capacities. Roura also manufactures specialty hoppers including Refuse/Recycling, Open Side, and Dewatering Hoppers and also Rotator Boxes. Roura’s experienced engineering staff will custom design hoppers, bins or containers to meet your company’s specific requirements.

Roura Material Handling, Inc.

Custom Construction Boxes

Roura Material Handling, Inc.

Custom Stackable Boxes

Roura Material Handling, Inc.

Towable Rotator Boxes

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