Sac-Tec specializes in microelectronic packaging, design and manufacturing of multi chip modules (MCM), hybrids and surface mount modules. We manufacture primarily high reliability components that undergo complete testing and screening to Aerospace specifications. SAC-TEC has far-reaching experience in acquiring hard-to-find obsolete die and components as well as in the re-engineering of components.

Together, SAC-TEC's engineering staff consists of the disciplines necessary for microcircuit products and component performance. SAC-TEC's knowledge base includes semiconductor silicon design foundry processes, characterization and qualification of components, advanced package assembly techniques, multi-chip modules, memory modules, hybrids, full implementation of military and defense standards, as well as document and drawing preparation of SCD', SID's, and SoCD's.

No matter what your specification may be, SAC-TEC is ready to solve your most demanding requirements in semiconductor products. SAC-TEC can successfully coordinate customer designs with semiconductor OEM availability to provide a final working product. SAC-TEC is constantly meeting the challenges of increasing complexity and costs of military hardware design while offering options and cost/time-saving procedures.

The multi-site manufacturing capabilities of the SAC-TEC Group include state-of-the-art production equipment in both semi-automatic and automatic systems for die attach, wire bond and test. These automated production methods minimize operator error and ensure lot-to-lot consistency. We maintain the strict environmental controls necessary in microcircuit manufacturing.

SAC-TEC manufactures the following Hi-Rel semiconductors and microcircuits:

• Hybrid Circuits (Memory Modules, Power Drivers, SCDs)
• Integrated Circuits (Digital, Linear, Analog, Memory, Microprocessors)
• ASICs, Gate Arrays, Microcontrollers
• Discrete Circuits (Transistors, FETs, Diodes, SCRs, Triacs)
• Power Circuits
• Passive Circuits (Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Arrays)

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