Since 1981, Scientific Test has been providing a high power curve tracer and automated semiconductor tester at prices significantly below its competitors. With our extremely favorable cost-benefit ratio, you can't afford to overlook evaluating how our high performance semiconductor tester and curve tester can meet or exceed your semiconductor testing requirements at a very affordable cost.

Our curve tracer and automatic semiconductor test equipment (ATE) for discrete semiconductors are in use worldwide for high volume production, quality control and final testing of discrete semiconductors. Provided with an Intel based single board computer (SBC) and Windows based software, our curve tracers and semiconductor testers are highly reliable, extremely fast and very easy to operate.

From picoamps to over 1000 amperes and from millivolts to 2000 volts... numerous semiconductor devices can be tested with our 5000 Series automatic semiconductor tester. The 5000C Series high power curve tracer provides quick creation of digital curves for storage and intuitive manipulation. Curves are generated using a high speed, high power ATE test system.

Semiconductor Testers 1Kv Standard - 2kV Option
50A Standard - 100A, 500A, 1000A or 1200A Option
Curve Tracers
Scientific Test, Inc.

Our Product Line Consists of:

  • 5000 Series Automated Discrete Semiconductor Testers with optional wafer mapping and delta testing
  • 5000C Curve Tracers
  • Range extension options
  • Scanners for multiple devices and for per pin programmability
  • Adaptors and fixtures for testing particular devices
  • Interfaces for handlers and probers
Scientific Test, Inc.


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