Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fittings / Cord Grips / Cable Glands and Other Cable Management Products

Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fittings Cable GlandsSealcon / Hummel offers over 6,000 different Types and Sizes of RoHS Compliant Products!

Which are rated the best in the industry.
NPT, Metric, & PG. Materials: Nylon, Nickel Plated Brass, PVDF (for chemicals and extreme temperatures) & Stainless Steel. Types: Standard Dome & Flex, 90° Elbow, Multi-Hole, EMI/RFI, High Performance (Clamping), Elongated, Enlarged/Reduced Body. All of Sealcon's cord grip products are modular, and incorporate HUMMEL's patented overlapping seal technology, removing the risk of the strain relief damaging the cable. Approvals: RoHS, UL, CSA, VDE, CE, ATEX, EX, & TÜV.

Sealcon / Hummel also specializes in a wide assortment of Cable Management Products: Adapters, Reducers, Enlargers, Dome/Hex Plugs, Lock Nuts, Socket & Ratchet Wrenches, Etc.

Thread Adapters, Enlarger & Reducers

Dealing with foreign products? Is connecting a challenge? Sealcon / Hummel now carries a large assortment of Adapters, Reducers and Enlargers Threads. Look no further! Sealcon / Hummel is your Solution House for NPT, Metric & PG Threads. They provide a cheap & easy solution to alter the thread size on any threaded connector. Material: Nylon, Nickel Plated Brass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel upon request!

Sealcon / Hummel carries a wide selection of Adapters, Enlargers & Reducers!  These Thread Adapters convert holes which fit PG / METRIC threads to a female NPT, PG, & Metric threaded hub. They provide a cheap & easy solution to alter the thread size on any threaded connector.  These Thread Enlargers, Thread Reducers are the cheapest & easiest solution to reduce the thread size on any threaded connector. 

Hazardous / Explosive Proof Strain Relief / Cord Grips / Cable Glands

EX ATEX Hazardous Strain Relief Cable GlandOur Ex product line is designed for hazardous duty locations. These products are being used in a variety of Markets/Segments such as Oil & Gas, Refineries, Oilfield Service Co., Energy/Coal, Process Industry, Paint Manufacturing, Chemical, Pharma Industries, Waste Water Management, Wood Processing, Agricultural, Food Processing, Recycling, Motion Control, Textile, Marine and many more. Many of our standard products are also available with ATEX/IECEx, Ex-d, Ex-e Approvals.

We have a vast array of EX cable glands for armored and non armored cable. Our newest product, the EXIOS Barrier Cable Gland series has the latest Approvals.

(M16, M23, M40) Circular Connector

Circular ConnectorThese M16, M23, M27 & M40 RoHS and Deca BDE Compliant Circular Connectors are available in many different styles, including straight, elbow, panel mount, single hole, unique swivel snap elbows, and many more. Our Patented EuroLock® System features an integrated locking clip that secures the contacts in the insert. This allows for easy assembly and disassembly of the contacts with no special tools required.

M23 Circular Connectors are available in both Signal and Power. Connectors are available in Nickel Plated Brass (EMI Ready), Stainless Steel and Over Molded. They feature different housing surfaces, including Nickel Plated Brass and Stainless Steel with Gold Plated / Brass Alloy Crimp Contacts.

M23 Connectors also include M23 Signal RJ45 Ethernet Connectors and M23 Profinet PoE Connectors. RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Connectors are a compact and robust space-saving Industrial Ethernet solution for harsh industrial environments. An integrated female coupler accommodates off-the-shelf RJ45 patch cables. The housing surface is Nickel Plated Brass with Brass Alloy Contacts. Intrinsic Safe (Ex-i) ATEX rated RJ45 Connector for hazardous duty locations is also available.

M23 Profinet Connectors have a Copper-Zinc Alloy, Die Casting Housing with a Nickel Plated Brass Housing Surface.

TWILOCK Connectors are available in M23 Signal / Power and M16 Signal. These unique Quick Connect Connectors feature easy connect / disconnect even under restricted space conditions. A panel-mounted Dual Function Connector is suitable for Threaded and Quick Disconnect connection. The threaded male panel mount has locking grooves. Initially, the Connector can be specified with the more economical Threaded Connector and later converted to the more user-friendly TWILOCK Quick Connect style. They are available in both Signal and Power and are EMI ready. The housing surface is made of Nickel Plated Brass with Gold Plated / Brass Alloy Contacts.

Sealcon M27 Signal Circular Connectors feature 3 circuits in one connector and are ideal for sensors and gauges. The housing surface is made of Nickel Plated Brass with Gold Plated / Brass Alloy Crimp, Solder or Dip-Solder Contacts./p>

M40 Power Circular Connectors have a rugged design and work great for up to 55A applications. They have a housing surface made of Nickel Plated Brass with Gold Plated / Brass Alloy Crimp Contacts.

M12 / M16 Twintus Dual Connectors are low profile and low cost M16 and M12/M16 Connector solutions that meets IP67 requirements for small AC or DC motors but also existing M23 applications (retrofit with M23 footprint).

Sealcon M16 Signal Circular Connectors have one step cable assembly. They feature a Nickel Plated Brass housing surface with Gold Plated / Brass Alloy Crimp or Dip Solder Contacts.

Industrial Enclosures

As a leading manufacturer of electromechanical components, Sealcon / Hummel presents a new product range of industrial housings. Adapting to the requirements of the market they increasingly offer more system solutions to alleviate the rising costs in production and procurement.

Their Enclosure line covers all the most popular types of industrial housings: Polycarbonate, ABS (Acryl-Butadiene-Styrene), Polyester, Stainless Steel, Steel & Aluminum.

Higher impact resistance, higher fire protection and are more suitable for outdoor applications. A special feature is the adjustable height of additional mounting plates, made possible by a slotted guide in the inside corners of the enclosures. Din rails, mounting plates, flanges, extension frames and other accessories complete their new product line.

For protected / grounded applications Sealcon / Hummel offers EMI Enclosures made of Polycarbonate with a special nickel coating on the inside to ensure conductivity. Robust quality, good corrosion and chemical resistance distinguish the PE housings, which are used in the chemical and petrol-chemical industry.

Metal housings made of aluminum, steel and high-grade steel are available in a gray finish or powder-coated. They are durable and corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for rugged environments. Additionally, they offer optional modifications, e.g. a sea-water resistant lacquer finish, which allows for use in the ship building industry or any marine application. Further alternatives are available: housings made of polyester, steel and high-grade steel, which can be individually modified and equipped with proven Sealcon / Hummel products. Their enclosures offer flexible solutions to accommodate their customer's special requests and custom needs.

The great variety of Hummel products (including Liquid tight strain relief fittings, M16, M23, & M40 Circular connectors, adapters, reducers, enlargers and an array of other electronic components) allows them to offer their customers custom solutions.

Conduit / Push-In / Turn-To-Seal Fittings

Conduit Fittings and AccessoriesPush-In Fittings: SM – Liquid Tight Straight & EM - 90° Snap Elbow Fastest Installation of flexible NYLON Conduit. Meets NEMA 4X. Optional O-Ring or Seal Ring. Simply push flexible conduit into the fitting. The locking hook retains it securely in position. To remove conduit, lift outside recessed tab with screwdriver. Threads: NPT, Metric & PG. Materials: Nylon 6/6.

Turn-To-Seal: Straight & 90° Snap Elbow! NYLON 6/6 Conduit. NEMA 4X. They offer an economical solution for machine builders. The Elbow has a smooth inside transition, making installation of cable and wires easy. Simply push flexible conduit into the fitting and turn-to-seal. Threads: NPT & PG.

The fastest and most labor saving method to connect flexible nylon conduit to a push-in fitting. The nylon conduit is inserted into the fitting until the hook snaps over the ridge of the corrugated tubing. The conduit can be mounted rigid for liquid tight (NEMA 4x) or turnable for non-liquid tight (NEMA 2). EM - 90° Snap Elbow Fittings Combines the unique 90° snap elbow and straight push-in fitting for easy installation of wires into an elbow fitting. The "straight" elbow is snapped together after the wires have been installed, resulting in a liquid tight 90° elbow fittings.

The Standard corrugated conduit is made of flame retardant Nylon. The conduit is suitable for fixed and moderate flexing installations. The Super-Flex Conduit is made of a special plastic blend, greatly increasing the flex-life of the conduit. It is the perfect solution for drag chain and robotics applications, with high cycle life expectancy, UV and impact resistant at low temperatures, tough and abrasion resistant.

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