Sioux Corporation is the leading designer and manufacturer of industrial application-specific steam cleaners, pressure washers, water heaters and chillers, and steam generators. Sioux equipment is extremely reliable and built to withstand the rigors of the industrial workplace such as in the concrete, petroleum, and mining industries.

Highly knowledgeable sales and engineering departments will ensure that you get the machine that best fits your application. We have a dedicated engineering department with full custom-design capabilities to meet your needs. If the equipment in our standard line doesn't meet your needs, we can custom design a machine for your application.

Specialized options can be added to create a unit built to meet your specific needs. Some of these include trailer or portable mountings, nearly any voltage for overseas applications, water tanks, explosion-proof electricals, stainless steel or galvanized frames, gas or diesel engines and generators, lights, alterations for severe temperature or altitudes, custom sizes, and more!

Sioux machines are constructed to provide long life and troublefree service in the industrial workplace, and include standard features that are often considered options on competitive models. These features may initially cost a little more, but provide equipment that runs better, lasts longer, is safer to operate and, over the life of the unit, provides a superior return on your investment.

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