Solarcraft, Inc.

Solarcraft, Inc. began designing and manufacturing solar power systems in the early 1990's. Founded by Kevin Conlin, an experienced solar engineer, who saw a need for high quality specialized enclosures to house not only batteries, but the system's electronics as well. He designed enclosures for optimal ease of installation and maintenance, using high quality materials for longevity and reliability. Combined with his conservative approach to sizing his systems, Solarcraft soon became synonymous with dependability and excellence.
Solarcraft, Inc.

In 2005, Solarcraft gained a second owner and partner, Darrell Haun. Darrell's background in manufacturing, operations, and inventory management is the perfect compliment to Mr. Conlin's engineering background. Solarcraft moved to a larger more efficient facility at the end of 2006, increasing production capacity, and improving delivery time.

They expanded their capabilities to grid-tied Backup Power systems with their Solarcraft DC-UPS Power Supply at the heart of the system. In the event of utility grid power interruptions, Solarcraft Backup Power Systems deliver clean, continuous backup power to on-grid applications. To learn more about the Solarcraft DC-UPS Power Supply, click here.

Their Backup Power Systems take them into emerging markets such as wi-fi communications mesh networks and security. To learn more about Backup Power, click here.

Hybrid power is next. With increasing demand for power on remote locations, they have developed a solar hybrid system that incorporates WhisperGenT technology. WhisperGen is simply a natural gas powered Stirling engine that can deliver as much as 800W of power. To learn more about the WhisperGen solar hybrid system, click here.

Solarcraft power systems perform in harsh environments both on and offshore; on or off-grid. With Solarcraft, power is within reach.

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