Summation Research, Inc. (SRI) is an engineering and manufacturing company that provides high performance data acquisition, satellite telemetry, and communication products and systems to defense, government and commercial markets worldwide. SRI is dedicated to applying their in-depth understanding of advanced electronics design, manufacturing techniques and signal processing practices to provide innovative, cost-effective products and solutions for communications challenges.

SRI's diverse in-house skills and experience allow the company to provide full end-to-end system and product design and development, manufacturing and technical support services with the cost and schedule effectiveness of a small business. This expertise, augmented by a well equipped facility (in excess of 40,000 square feet), provides the basis to accommodate both large and small program requirements.

SRI specializes in the design, development and production capabilities required to provide high performance data acquisition, satellite telemetry, and communication products. The company leverages its experience in these markets to produce innovative solutions for COTS, custom, and semi-custom products. SRI's Satellite and Range Telemetry Equipment operates in common Commercial and Defense frequency bands, supporting TT&C, flight control, data networking, ranging, and payload data requirements. SRI also provides Land Mobile Radio products to support data acquisition and communications in transportation, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and other fixed and mobile markets. Related Sensor Test and Measurement Telemetry solutions support sensor communications for test, validation, and monitoring applications.

SRI products are based on a modern, self-contained digital soft-radio platform utilizing advanced digital FPGA/DSP implementation based on the following core competencies:

• Standard, Semi-Custom, and Custom Products for Satellite and Range Telemetry, Wireless Sensor Data Acquisition, and Land Mobile Radio Data Communications
• Engineering Research and Development Services
• Product Design and Development
• Prototype to Production Engineering
• Fabrication, Manufacturing, or Refurbishment Services
• Maintenance and Repair of Internal or Customer Supplied Designs

SRI product and service offerings are focused around the following business areas:

• Satellite Telemetry, Flight Telemetry, and Data Communications
• Sensor Test and Measurement Wireless Telemetry
• Private Land Mobile Data Telemetry and Communications
• Embedded Communications and Modem Equipment
• Custom Communication Equipment

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