Symmetric Research specializes in high resolution electronic data acquisition and test instruments. Symmetric Research has been designing and manufacturing A/D and DSP hardware since 1986 with installations around the world. Our expertise in Data Acquisition and Digital Signal Processing has resulted in products tailored and refined to work optimally in the PC environment.

Our product catalog features 24 bit A/D systems with ready to go software for the PC. Precision voltage references, amplifiers, GPS timing units, and terminal boards are also available. Accurately measure voltages from sensors and machines with our cost effective DAQ equipment. Great for use in Industrial Plants, Laboratories, Field Boxes, Museums, and Schools.

Symmetric Research equipment is general purpose and can be used for a wide variety of applications. A few of the areas our products can help with are:
Seismology — Investigate teleseismic events, study volcanoes, research crustal structure, monitor active mines, instrument historic buildings, and educate the public about earthquakes. Earthworm and Seismic Unix supported.
Infrasound — Study low frequency sound.
Field Boxes — Put our A/D/s in waterproof boxes combined with a variety of small computers for portable measurement stations.
Industrial Plants — Process Control applications for assembly lines, monitor industrial sensors, and inspect part quality.
Chromatography — Control and monitor chromatographs as they chemically separate complex mixtures and analyze them.
Laboratories — Accurately measure voltages from sensors, scientific machines, and research equipment.
Education — Use for student lab stations or training classes in schools and universities.
Museums — Control exhibit equipment and demos.

Finished acquisition programs are included with the basic SR system software.

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