TCD Parts, Inc.

TCD Parts, Inc., located just a few miles north of Kansas City, Missouri, is a leading distributor of laundry and commercial dishmachine parts. It is our effort to be your warehouse for tubing, dispensers, fittings, drain balls, switches, vacuum breakers, check valves, chemical storage racks and test strips.

TCD Parts, Inc. was started in 1992 out of Dave Fisher’s basement and garage. It continues to be family owned and operated. Through hard work, dedication, tireless innovation and a commitment to quality and service, the company has grown from a small operation to a fully integrated distributor. These valued principles are still applied today.

Here at TCD Parts, Inc. our customers come first. It is our goal to be number one when it comes to providing quality products at competitive prices. That is why we make it a priority to get you what you need—when you need it-- and on time.

We are continually extending and developing our product line. The success of the company’s extensive standard product range has returned substantial sales growth over the last five years. More than 5,000 products are now available from stock for same day dispatch. Our full range of inventory, represented in the latest catalog, includes products such as tubing, chemical dispensers, dishmachine parts, fittings and connectors, valves, electrical switches, kitchen equipment, racks and dollies as well as testing and safety products.

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