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Proven Technology

  • Great Performance, Lower Cost, Less Complexity
  • No Moving Parts Reliability
  • Easy installation In-Line or In-Tank
  • Rugged Single Board Construction
  • Safe 24Vdc Operation
  • 4-20 ma and RS232 Outputs Standard

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TDCollaborative, LLC
In-Line Viscometers
TDCollaborative, LLC
In-Tank Viscometers
TDCollaborative, LLC
Displays and Accessories
Viscometers install directly into one-inch pipe Tee, or reducing Tee, or weld saddle, or size adaptors. Require 24Vdc power. Return 4-20ma and RS232 data stream. Six conductor cabling required. Viscosity ranges include 2-40cp and 10-300cp Temperature ranges 0-100degC and 0-180degC Same as in-line viscometer with the addition of a tank flange with seal that requires 1 5/8 inch access hole. A variety of stem lengths are available to accommodate various tank sizes. Viscosity ranges 2-40cp and 10-300cp Temperature range 0-100degC Two high visibility seven- segment displays show viscosity and temperature. Includes 24Vdc adaptor with universal mains power input, RS232 DSub9 connector for computer interface, and 4-20ma output header. This item is optional but very convenient.

Simply Better - no moving parts to jam, no rotating seals to fail, no motors, no lead-based piezo-electrics, no rare earth magnets, no capillary tubes to plug, and best of all - no huge price tag.

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