Tekra Corporation

Tekra stands today as a leading worldwide supplier of top-quality engineered plastic films and adhesives, and as a manufacturer of proprietary custom coated plastic substrates.

Tekra is a value adding distributor and convertor of:

Tekra Corporation
Dupont Teijin Polyester and PEN Films
Tekra Corporation
3M Tapes and Adhesives
Tekra Corporation
SABIC Innovative Plastics

As a manufacturer, Tekra produces a wide variety of highly engineered coated films with a specialty in scratch resistant hard coats, digital print receptives, (including HP Indigo), light diffusing films for the display industry and dry erase coatings.

Tekra's customers come from a multitude of industries with diverse applications. They manufacture computer displays and touch screens, nameplates and labels, automotive clusters, membrane touch switches, medical diagnostic test strips, point-of-purchase signs, telecommunications equipment, and a host of other consumer, commercial and industrial products.

In serving these industries, Tekra has developed expertise in replacing metal or paper with plastic, or existing plastics with higher-performance varieties. They offer plastic films and adhesives that provide resistance to abrasion, chemicals, temperature or UV; provide optical clarity or brilliant colors; have smooth or textured surfaces; exhibit proper adhesion to inks and other plastics; process well when embossing, forming, die cutting; have dynamic, shear or peel strength; and possess dimensional stability. The more demanding the application, the more Tekra can help!

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