Since 1979, Triangle MicroSystems (TMS) has been a leading manufacturer of fuel pump controls that are widely recognized for their value and reliability. The MPC and Hybrid MPC will control any combination of electronic and mechanical pumps. The EZ console works with all major pump brands to control up to 16 MPDs. The M2E converts mechanical pump output to electronic protocol.

The EZ Controller is ideal for the fuel marketer who needs an affordable, less complicated method of offering fuel service to his or her customers at a profitable price. Triangle MicroSystems has put 35 years of fuel control experience into a system that is widely recognized for its consistent quality, high reliability, low maintenance, and service support.

The MPC console has a long, successful history of controlling a wide range of retail gasoline dispensing equipment, including mechanical pumps and Bennett, Gilbarco, and Tokheim electronic dispensers. The MPC console replaces existing TMS-800F, 800F PLUS, and TMS-16 consoles providing improved features and benefits including expanded operational reports, individual fueling position keys, programmable printer receipt heading, and more.

The Hybrid MPC console will control any combination of mechanical pumps and electronic dispensers up to 16 hoses.

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