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Trilion Quality Systems develops optical measurement and inspection equipment for North America. Their 3D image correlation and photogrammetry products capture high speed test data for material and product testing in aerospace, automotive, bio mechanics and defense fields. Data produced with their systems may be used to validate finite element analyses, illustrate material modes of failure or verify production molds or dies. Their technologies include 3D image correlation, portable CMM, dynamic photogrammetry, optical forming analysis, shearography NDT and ESPI digital laser holography. Trilion Quality Systems welcomes you to learn more about the diverse applications of their products for measuring 3D material properties in tensile tests, forming analyses, fatigue tests, thermal studies, shock and vibration testing and impact studies, with their non-contact optical methods. Trilion teams with GOM mbH to supply cutting-edge optical measurement systems and professional on-site inspection services.

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Full-Field Dynamic Displacement and Strain Measurement Using Advanced 3D Image Correlation Photogrammetry (Calibration and Testing Services) Full-field optical techniques are increasingly appreciated as deformation, stress and strain measuring tools. This article discusses an advanced deformation and strain analysis method based on 3D... (View Full Article)