United Refrigeration, Inc.United Refrigeration Inc. is one of the largest distributors of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating parts and equipment in North America. Founded in 1947 in Philadelphia, United Refrigeration now has locations in the United States, the US Virgin Islands and Canada.

United Refrigeration carries all brand name products by top manufacturers such as Arcoaire, Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Continental Refrigerator, Copeland, Drake Refrigeration, Henry Valve, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Keeprite Refrigeration, National Comfort Products, National Refrigerants, National Refrigeration Products, Sporlan Valve, Standard Refrigeration, Tecumseh, Trenton Refrigeration and many others.

Throughout their many years in business, United Refrigeration Inc. has grown to be a trusted name among mechanical contractors, supermarkets, small entrepreneurs, service mechanics and large industrials, providing prompt, comprehensive service, and focusing on the customer's individual HVAC/R needs.

United Refrigeration Quick Overview

  • Over 290 locations in North America
  • Locations in 44 states, the US Virgin Islands and Canada
  • Complete base of HVAC/R product offering: large and small, common or obscure
  • Strategically placed distribution warehouses throughout the country for consistent deliveries and inventory replenishment
  • Fully stocked stores for immediate pickup
  • Direct sales with immediate worldwide shipping
  • International and export services available
  • Brand name HVAC/R products by top-of-the-line manufacturers
  • Prompt, comprehensive and technical service by knowledgeable personnel at all locations

Supplier Directory Categories

AC Motors
(1,101 Products)
Air Conditioners
(1,608 Products)
Air Flow Sensors
(49 Products)
Air Heaters
(110 Products)
Bags and Sacks
(28 Products)
Clamp Meters
(28 Products)
(3,618 Products)
Cooling Towers
(33 Products)
(12 Products)
Digital Timers
(12 Products)
Door Closers
(15 Products)
(6 Products)
Drill Bits
(86 Products)
Duct Heaters
(11 Products)
(2 Products)
(20 Products)
HVAC Chillers
(534 Products)
Hand Tools
(92 Products)
Heat Exchangers
(9 Products)
Heating Furnaces
(154 Products)
Hole Saws
(48 Products)
(81 Products)
Industrial Gases
(191 Products)
Industrial Heaters
(223 Products)
Industrial Hose
(108 Products)
Industrial Pipe
(7 Products)
Interior Doors
(6 Products)
Knife Blades
(8 Products)
(2 Products)
Metal Tubes
(110 Products)
Moisture Meters
(9 Products)
Pipe Fittings
(779 Products)
Plastic Tubing
(19 Products)
Quick Couplers
(30 Products)
Radiant Heaters
(35 Products)
(13 Products)
Roof Curbs
(14 Products)
Saw Blades
(27 Products)
Space Heaters
(11 Products)
(4 Products)
(4 Products)
(10 Products)
Threading Dies
(8 Products)
Tool Kits
(3 Products)
(257 Products)
Utility Knives
(10 Products)
Voltage Testers
(7 Products)
Water Heaters
(40 Products)
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