Meeting The Lighting Needs Of Our Customers Since 1939
Voss Lighting is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of specialized replacement lighting products, with offices in 16 key cities across the United States.  We serve a broad range of customers from business and industry to schools and governmental agencies.  But we provide more than lighting products-we educate our customers about how much impact the choice of lighting makes on the economics and efficiencies of a business.  We want our customers to understand this simple fact: the right light does make a difference - a big difference.

An Old-Fashioned Commitment To Quality, Value and Service
Back in 1939 when Henry Voss started his lighting business in Lincoln, Nebraska, he quickly realized that his customers required more than quality products.  They needed to have a better understanding of the effective, efficient use of lighting.  Because better understanding means getting more for their lighting dollar.  And because it means making their working or living environment even more functional, comfortable, or fashionable.  While lighting technology has advanced dramatically since 1939, Henry Voss’s commitment to quality, value and service remains at our company’s foundation. 

The Latest In Lighting Technology
At Voss Lighting, we blend old-fashioned value with the latest in lighting design and technology.  To our customers that means the best, most efficient lighting products combined with world-class service.  All at competitive prices.
That is why before we sell you a lighting product, we want to know about your lighting system’s performance, what you want, what your problems may be; whether you are getting enough light or too much; whether you get satisfactory life out of your current lamps and ballasts; whether your system is energy efficient. 

Our customers can be confident in the products we provide because we stock name-brand lighting products like Philips and Advance.

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