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Woven Electronics offers an extraordinary range of interconnect products including; woven and conventional cable harnesses, backshells and connectors, as well as a perimeter security system called; LightLOC.

Founded in 1963, Woven Electronics combines an innovative and knowledgeable engineering team with a versatile and reliable manufacturing group. The result is a resource for military, aerospace, and commercial customers to engage for cable harness, backshell and connector design expertise and product manufacturing. Woven Electronics has 250 employees and is located in Simpsonville, SC.

Woven Electronics will work with you any way that best suits your needs. Woven can follow your specifications exactly; or they can suggest modification to improve performance. They can also start with your basic problem and work out the right answer entirely at Woven Electronics.

Woven Electronics' research and development never stops. Their quality assurance system never relaxes. Their customers keep coming back.

Woven Electronics

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