LM76 Linear Bearings is the home of the original drop-in replacement for Linear Ball Bearings. LM76 was founded in 1973 when Warren Hamilton was asked by a customer to consider designing a replacement for a linear ball bearings that were failing in his system. Warren used his knowledge of sleeve bearing design to engineer our Black Racer Ceramic Coated Linear Bearing™. Since then, LM76 has engineered several versions off this ground breaking platform:

  • Minuteman Self Lube Linear Bearings
  • Stainless FDA/USDA Self Lube Linear Bearings
  • Ceramic Coated FDA Self Lubricated Bearings
  • Bull Dog Self Lubricating Bearings
Today, LM76 is an industry leader in linear bearings and systems worldwide. LM76 has grown in sales each year and now manufactures over 1000 different products to industries around the globe. The Hallmark of LM76 is service and engineering excellence. We help engineers and purchasing agents solve their most pressing linear motion issues.

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