Micro-Epsilon sensor technology to improve your automation process

Micro-Epsilon Group
1 July 2019

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Intelligent sensors for quality assurance and process control

The trend in automation is moving towards high-speed processes with high manufacturing accuracy. For this reason, highly dynamic laser-optical sensors are increasingly used. Micro-Epsilon offers an extensive range of smart laser sensors with integrated controller and an exceptionally compact design for confined spaces.

Smart laser triangulation sensors

The powerful optoNCDT 1220/1320/1420 laser sensors based on the triangulation measuring principle perform non-contact displacement, distance and position measurements. Due to their low weight combined with compact size, the laser sensors can be easily integrated into restricted installation spaces and are ideally suitable for applications where high accelerations occur e.g. on the robot arm or in pick-and-place machines.

The high-performance optical system projects the small light spot sharply onto the measurement object which enables to even detect smallest components reliably on a wide range of surfaces. Its compact design with integrated controller allows for the sensors to be integrated simply into plant, equipment and machinery.


  • Ideal for automation, production monitoring and test bench
  • Suitable for use with robots
  • Miniature measurement spot for detection of smallest details
  • Easy integration into confined spaces
  • Highest precision in a minimum of space
  • Attractive price/performance ratio

High-resolution laser scanners for 2D/3D dynamic profile measurements

Compact design, flexible installation options and versatile interfaces make the scanCONTROL 29xx laser line scanners the ideal choice for high-precision profile and dimensional measurements in automation tasks, production and process monitoring as well as quality control.

The sensors are equipped with high-performance lenses, new intelligent laser control and innovative evaluation algorithms. They detect, measure and evaluate the profiles on different object surfaces. In the case of moving objects or a traversing sensor, it is also possible to obtain 3D measurement values.

The scanner models with blue laser line are used for multi-dimensional measurement on red-hot glowing metals as well as on transparent and organic materials. While allowing higher stability, the blue laser light does not penetrate the measurement object due to the shorter wavelength of the blue-violet laser. Particularly with organic materials such as wood or semi-transparent objects such as adhesive beads or plastic profiles, this effect becomes distinctively visible.

The fields of application are diverse across all industries. Thus, in addition to the determination of the blade angle of razors, the thickness of potato slices, the completeness of laser welding seams, the position of electronic components and the quality of silicone adhesive beading can be determined.


  • Suitable for static, dynamic and robotic applications
  • Real-time surface compensation
  • Resolution x-axis up to 1,280 points
  • Measuring rate up to 2,560,000 points/sec
  • Models with Blue Laser Technology
  • Inline measurement of gap, profile, step, angle
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