Eddy Current Displacement Sensors: Unmatched Precision for Industrial Applications

Micro-Epsilon Group
1 January 2019

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Micro-Epsilon’s inductive sensors based on the eddy current principle are designed for displacement, distance, movement and position measurements, but also for detecting oscillations and vibrations. Non-contact operating eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon are renowned for their extreme precision, and are even used for micrometer-accuracy measurements.

Robust Sensors for Harsh Environments

Inductive sensors (eddy current) from Micro-Epsilon combine several advantages. They provide highest precision and resolution on a wear-free, non-contact basis. They are resistant to external influences such as dirt, pressure and fluctuating temperatures and therefore ideally suitable for harsh industrial environments. The measurements are performed at high speed up to 100 kHz. The many designs of eddy current sensors enable engineers to select the optimal sensor for their particular application.

Eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon are often used in applications where harsh ambient conditions are present and where maximum precision is required. Immunity to oil, dirt, pressure and extreme temperature are distinctive features.

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Typical Applications

Particularly where pressure, dirt, oil and high temperatures are present, the eddy current sensors are suitable. They provide ease of use and high measurement accuracy, offering an outstanding price/performance ratio. Therefore, the sensor is ideally suited to OEM integration and mechanical engineering applications.

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