Effective EMI shielding and TIMs

Nolato Silikonteknik AB
1 February 2019

We offer you premium, unique solutions in conductive silicone, that will provide you with the best in quality and the greatest cost effectiveness.

As your dedicated support in thermal management we can not only recommend which interface material to use, but also guide you throughout your thermal design process. Our research and development team are driven to explore and test new advancements in thermal management and we offer you customized solutions that meet your specific challenges and requirements. Also, we show you how the latest technologies can be applied to your products to the best effect.

Our EMI shielding is suitable for high frequencies, up to 20 GHz, and approved for 5G applications. All materials are developed in-house, securing stable and high-quality performance.

Telecom and automotive are our main customer channels, setting high standards for all our products. For many years, we have together with our customers developed many unique solutions offering superior functionality at competitive prices.

Our headquarters is located in Sweden, with sales, technical support and production all over the world.

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Hallsberg, Sweden 694 91
Flexible and Effective Solutions for Thermal Management and EMI Shielding With our wide range of EMI shielding and thermal interface solutions and in-depth expertise in these fields, we are able to offer you premium, unique solutions in conductive silicone that will provide you with... Read more