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The world’s leading resource for energy professionals.

More than 300,000 energy professionals regularly rely on Engineering360 as a trusted resource at all stages of the research, design and purchasing process to find the products, materials and information associated with the generation, distribution and consumption of energy — helping companies continue to produce higher-quality products at lower costs. IEEE GlobalSpec Media Solutions offers you unprecedented opportunities to reach these professionals with customized digital media solutions.


There are over 3.6 million subscriptions to Engineering360’s energy-related newsletters. These publications include Alternative & Renewable Energy, Power Generation & Distribution, and Environmental Technology.

Product Discovery

Engineering, technical, manufacturing and industrial professionals in the energy market search on — from power generation and storage, electrical distribution and protection, and batteries and accessories, to wires, cables and connectors, and electrical and electronic test equipment — making information discovery easy. Get your company’s products and services represented with brand-building catalogs.

Display Advertising

The Engineering360 Ad Network's Oil & Gas and Alternative & Renewable Energy channels offers millions of banner impressions on relevant sites targeted to an audience of industrial professionals.


Engineering360 offers custom webinars that can reach a targeted audience in this marketplace.

Reach the Right Professionals

Engineering360 connects you with critical job functions in the energy industries, including:

  • Architects, builders and contractors
  • Consulting engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Energy advisors
  • Engineering management
  • Fuel suppliers
  • Installers
  • LEED architects and engineers
  • Manufacturing professionals
  • Power plant designers
  • Power systems engineers
  • Project engineers
  • R&D personnel
  • Technical support/services

Our Audience — Your Customers

Industrial professionals rely on Engineering360 for work-related information and solutions. They are working at the companies you want to reach, including:

  • BP
  • Coskata, Inc.
  • GE Energy
  • KYOCERA Corporation
  • Range Fuels
  • Samsung Heavy Industries, ltd.
  • Sapphire Energy, Inc.
  • Sharp
  • Siemens AG

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