Technology:Other Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules Datasheets

LCD Character Module -- ASI-162B
from All Shore Industries

Offering thousands of LCD Character Display combinations. Select the right technology (TN, HTN, STN, FSTN), background color, backlight color, backlight style and assembly technology for your specific application. Formats range from 1 lines of 8 characters to 4 lines of 40 characters. [See More]

  • Display Type: Character Display
  • Characters per Line: 16
  • Number of Lines: 2
  • Character Width: 3.55
Display Modules - LCD, OLED Character and Numeric -- 1272-1000-ND [SC009221 from E Ink Corporation]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Display Type: Character Display
  • Number of Lines: 1
  • Technology: E-INK Segmented Display
  • Characters per Line: 3
Heavy Duty LCD Display -- Model ELD-01
from HydraForce, Inc.

The ELD-01 Series display is a monochrome, transfl ective graphical information display capable of displaying real-time operating information through two communication data links. Examples of some of the parameters that can be monitored are: temperature, motor speed, cylinder position, and flow. The... [See More]

  • Display Type: Graphic Display
  • Width: 119
  • Technology: Transflective Display
  • Height: 60.5
Lika Battery Powered LCD Display with Magnetic Sensor -- POSICONTROL LD140
from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

Quasi-absolute LCD display, 14 mm height. Max. display accuracy 0,01 mm or 1/64 inch. Actual value memory. Linear & Angular display mode. Panel mount housing. Fixed or pluggable sensor. Reading distance sensor/tape up to 1 mm. RS232 interface (optional) [See More]

  • Display Type: Character Display
  • Number of Lines: 1
  • Technology: Quasi-Absolute
  • Characters per Line: 6
LCD Module
from Interface Displays & Controls

Features. LCD module types available. Dichroic. Twisted Nematic (T/N). Modular construction. Small size, low power. Built-in electronics. Interface-to-host microcomputer. LCD drivers. LCD heater. LCD heater control. Variable display capability. Readable in direct sunlight or total darkness. Color... [See More]

  • Display Type: Character Display; Graphic Display
  • Backlight: Electro Luminescent (optional feature); Light Emitting Diode (optional feature)
  • Technology: Twisted Nematic; Dichroic
  • Features / Applications: ARINC / Avionics; Computer Applications; MIL-SPEC / Military
3.8" QVGA Transflective Color STN LCD -- KHS038AA1BJ-G00
from Kyocera Industrial Ceramics, LCD Division

Transflective color, reflective rich [See More]

  • Display Type: Graphic Display
  • Number of Lines: 320
  • Technology: Super Twisted Nematic; Single Scan
  • Viewing Area Width: 59.6
Auto LCD Display
from LG Display Co., Ltd.

Best Display for Smart Car. LG Display provides the smart infotainment to drivers and passengers with AH-IPS featuring high resolution, high luminance and wide viewing angle which is the display standard smart car trend. [See More]

  • Technology: AMLCD; AH-IPS (Advanced High performance IPS)
  • Features / Applications: Automotive Applications