Laser Type:Other Lasers Datasheets

Laser Diode Driver -- LDD100
from Artifex Engineering

The LDD100 employs a digitally programmable analogue end stage for flexible and accurate current control. Currents of up to 200A with pulse durations of 50ns to 3s are generated with rise and fall times of 25ns - essentially without overshoot. Due to the flexibility in setup and control, the LDD100... [See More]

  • Laser Type: Laser Diode Driver
  • Operating Voltage: ? to 4
  • Laser Output: Pulsed
  • Operating Current: 400 to 200000
from FOBA North America

The high-performance TEA CO2 mask marker marks small surfaces with extreme precision and in the shortest times with use-by and manufacturing dates, batch and serial numbers or logos and graphics. Single- and multiple-line markings are applied to such widely diverse products as electronic components,... [See More]

  • Laser Type: Carbon Dioxide Lasers; Pulsed Carbon Dioxide
  • Laser Wavelength: Infrared
  • Laser Output: Pulsed
  • Wavelength Range: 9300 to 10600
Laser Effects Projector With Red And Green Lights -- CVGF-G25

The easiest way to do your interior decorations for your home or business entertainment area is with a Laser Effects Projector. When timing is important you can decorate the largest of area in a matter of minutes. The Laser Effects Projector displays flashing patterns of interesting red and green... [See More]

  • Laser Type: Laser Pointers; Laser Effects Projector With Red And Green Lights
  • Wavelength Range: 532 to 660
  • Laser Wavelength: Green; Red
  • Laser Power: 5 to 50
LD Module "HK-5635 Series
from Shimadzu Corporation

A semiconductor laser for your desired wavelength will be modularized to suit your required specifications (including output, beam diameter, and external dimensions). [See More]

  • Laser Type: Semiconductor Laser
  • Laser Power: 20 to 50
  • Wavelength Range: 405 to 515
  • Beam Area: 1.3
StellarNet's Raman Lasers -- Ramulaser™ 1064nm
from StellarNet, Inc.

Features. 785/1064nm Raman Laser attaches to Raman-Probevia standard FC/APC connector. Raman Laser line 0.2nm FWHM. 350/499mWatt adjustable power. Battery powered in Ruggedized metal case. Miniature size just 2x4x6". Li-ion Battery Powered All Day. Add Raman- Probe- 785 and spectrometer [See More]

  • Laser Type: Raman Laser
  • Wavelength Range: 1064
  • Laser Wavelength: Infrared
  • Laser Power: 499