Materials:Other Optical Lenses Datasheets

Powell Lenses
from CeNing Optics Co., Ltd.

A Powell lens is used to generate a straight line with aspherical curvature on its apex, thereby outputing a line that has an even distribution of energy. For comparision, cylindrical lenses generate Gaussian beam profiles with hot-spot centre points and fading edges. The uniformity of the output... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Aspheric; Powell
  • Center Thickness: 7 to 9
  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Diameter / Length: 9
Achromatic Lens
from Dayoptics, Inc.

A transparent optical component consisting of one or more pieces of optical glass with curved surfaces(usually spherical) that they serve to converge or diverge the transmitted rays from an object,thus forming a real or virtual image of that object. Dayoptics provides these lenses with the material... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Achromats
  • Focal Length: -50 to 200
  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Center Thickness: 3.71 to 9
Achromatic Lenses -- Ax08524
from Gurley Precision Instruments

Made of two lenses cemented together to create a doublet, Single Layer MgF2 coatings are recommended for these lenses [See More]

  • Lens Type: Achromats; Spherical Lens
  • Center Thickness: 5.8
  • Focal Length: 17.5
  • Edge Thickness: 5.08
Aspheric AR Coated Precision Lens -- LAQ0304
from Knight Optical (USA) LLC

Aspheric lens - Precision Grade.3.3mmf.l x 3.52mm aperture. Traditionally lens surfaces have been sections of a sphere. For many applications this leaves spherical aberration as the dominant defect of any image so created. Aspheric lenses are used to correct these image defects. One solution to this... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Aspheric
  • Focal Length: 3.3
  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Center Thickness: 3.95
Best Form Lenses, Mounted (Crown Glass)
from Qioptiq

Precision lenses for use at infinite object distance. Spherical (aperture-dependent) aberration minimized. N-BK7 lenses with ARB2 coating. Lens mounts fit to Microbench or Nanobench system. Broadband anti-reflection coating ARB2 for the visible spectral range (R < 0.5 % for λ = 450-700 nm... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Spherical Lens
  • Focal Length: 4 to 20
  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Center Thickness: 2 to 3
Cylindrical Lenses
from Zygo Corporation

Computer Controlled Optical Surfacing. Aspheres & precision sphere, flats, cylinders. Can achieve: › › 1 nm RMS surface figure, › › 0.2 nm RMS surface roughness (glass). Configurable for glass, CaF2, Zerodur, ULE, SiC, Si, other materials and a wide range of part... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Cylindrical Lens
  • Materials: Glass, CaF2, Zerodur, ULE, SiC, Si,
Plastic Lenses
from Artifex Engineering

We deliver a broad range of plastic optics. When the materials are refined into lenses, prisms and mirrors, they serve the purpose of glass optics at lower cost and with significant saving of weight. We can provide spheric and aspheric lenses, they are widely used for laser pointers, VCD/DVD... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Aspheric
  • Focal Length: 12.5
  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Materials: Polycarbonate; Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)
Cylindrical Lenses
from CVI Laser Optics

Cylindrical lenses converge or expand light in a single dimension to alter the proportions of an image, focus a beam to a thin line or generate a line output.   CVI Laser Optics offers both plano-convex and plano-concave cylindrical lenses in N-BK7 and UV grade fused silica, in addition to... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Cylindrical Lens
  • Focal Length: -10 to 10
  • Lens Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible (optional feature); Ultraviolet (optional feature)
  • Diameter / Length: 15 to 50.8
0.13 NA 22.00mm FL Molded Aspheric Lens, 400-600nm AR Coating -- NT83-543
from Edmund Optics Inc.

Micro Sizes 2mm Dia. Several Coating Options. Aspheric lenses are known for providing simple, single-element solutions for managing laser light. LightPath ® has perfected a glass molding technology that produces aspheric lenses with consistent quality and at practical prices for system... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Aspheric
  • Center Thickness: 2.66
  • Focal Length: 22
  • Edge Thickness: 2.35
Barium Fluoride (BaF2) Lenses

Barium fluoride (BaF2) is used for optical windows, prisms and lenses transmitting from ultraviolet into infrared, it can be used as infrared laser window or lens. BaF2 is recommended for use as a vacuum ultraviolet window where high radiation resistance is required. BaF2 is less soluble than LiF,... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Cylindrical Lens
  • Diameter / Length: 12.7 to 25.4
  • Focal Length: 25 to 1000
  • Materials: Barium Fluoride
Cylinder lenses

As the name suggests, cylindrical lenses are either round or rectangular objects with cylindrically shaped surfaces. They differ from spherical lenses in that they focus a beam to a focal line rather than a focal point. Transmission is improved by applying an anti-reflection coating on both sides,... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Cylindrical Lens
  • Materials: Germanium (optional feature); Zinc Selenide (optional feature)
  • Lens Application: Infrared
  • Lens Features: Laser / Heat Resistant (optional feature)
Laser Optics -- XZMV-15750350
from KENTEK Corporation

Optics are used in a wide variety of applications, including the collection of light and images and modification of laser energy through collimation, convergence, and divergence. With the many available laser wavelengths and multitude of laser applications, selecting the appropriate optics is... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Achromats; Aspheric; Ball; Cylindrical Lens; Fresnel Lens; Meniscus
  • Materials: BK7 Glass; Germanium; Sapphire; Zinc Selenide; Ultra-violet grade Fused Silica; Plastic, Quartz, Silicon
Laser Diode Micro-Lens -- LDC 500Si
from Leister USA

Axetris laser diode micro-lenses are optimized for efficient coupling to edge laser diodes (LDs) and vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs). Applications range from optical communication to sensors. Features. Applications. High coupling efficiency. High N.A. and aspherical design. High... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Aspheric
  • Center Thickness: 0.3800
  • Lens Application: Infrared
  • Edge Thickness: 0.3800
Aspheric Hybrid Optics -- 350782
from LightPath Technologies, Inc.

Custom designs available [See More]

  • Lens Type: Aspheric; Aspheric Hybrid Optics
  • Center Thickness: 2.74
  • Focal Length: 4.55
  • Diameter / Length: 8.5
Achromatic Aspherical Lenses
from Newport Corporation

Aspheric lenses offer large collection angle and excellent on-axis performance suitable for fiber or wavelength coupling. Our achromatic aspherical lenses offer multi-wavelength performance and larger field of view sutiable for coupling from larger fibers or extended broadband sources. Far superior... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Achromats
  • Diameter / Length: 9 to 25
  • Focal Length: 12 to 50
  • Materials: N-LaK22/N-SF6
Helvoet Lenses
from ProPhotonix, Ltd.

The optical components department of Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies NV manufactures injection molded lenses, mirrors, polygons, with or without reflective coatings, with extreme accuracy for barcode scanning and sensor module applications. High accuracy off-the-shelf lenses (spherical and... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Aspheric; Spherical Lens (optional feature)
  • Materials: BK7 Glass; Acrylic; Polycarbonate; CCD
  • Lens Application: Infrared; Visible
Cylindrical Lenses
from Rocky Mountain Instrument/RMI Laser

Cylindrical Lenses focus incoming light in one dimension only, such as in transforming a point image into a line image or changing the height of an image without changing its width or vice versa. RMI Cylindrical Lenses are designed per customer wavelength. Both sides can be coated with an RMI high... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Cylindrical Lens
  • Surface Quality: 10-5 Scratch / Dig; 20-10 Scratch / Dig; 40-20 Scratch / Dig
  • Materials: BK7 Glass; Calcium Fluoride; Germanium; Sapphire; Zinc Selenide; Ultra-violet grade Fused Silica; Fused Silica, Cleartran, Barium fluoride, Magnesium Flouride, Silicon
  • Surface Flatness: λ/4; Lambda/40
Aspherical Lens -- L-AGC005
from Ross Optical Industries

Aspherical lenses are designed to have a much shorter focal length than is possible with regular spherical lenses. They are also corrected for spherical and coma aberrations. Ideally suited for low f-number and high throughput application, condenser quality aspheres are primarily used in high... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Aspheric
  • Focal Length: 6.8
  • Lens Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible; Ultraviolet (optional feature)
  • Center Thickness: 5
Achromatic Lenses
from Thorlabs, Inc.

At Thorlabs, we constantly reinforce our desire to serve at the pleasure of our customers. From this comes our desire to be connected to our industry in a way that far exceeds what would typically be expected of a vendor. Thorlabs lives this core principle by seeking to enhance, at every turn, the... [See More]

  • Lens Type: Achromats
  • Focal Length: -100 to 1000
  • Lens Application: Infrared; Visible; Ultraviolet
  • Center Thickness: 1.5 to 7.9
Bi Convex Lenses
from Tower Optical Corporation

Material: BK7, grade A, fine anneal, or K9 substitute [See More]

  • Lens Type: Spherical Lens
  • Center Thickness: 1.79 to 14.44
  • Focal Length: 10 to 1000
  • Edge Thickness: 1.5 to 3