Sight Hydraulic Reservoirs Datasheets

Metal Reservoirs 20l/30l/50l
from Lube USA, Inc.

Metal reservoir [See More]

  • Integrated Level Gauge Options: Sight
  • Reservoir Shape: Rectangular
  • Reservoir Capacity: 13.21
  • Filler / Breather Options: No Filler / Breather
JIC Reservoir -- AC 10
from SAICAD Inc.

SAICAD has a wide range of JIC Reservoirs. We custom design and build a JIC Reservoir to your specifications also. All reservoirs are sandblasted, Primed Coated (outside) and Rust inhibitor (inside) with a high-quality zinc dust paint (resistant to hydraulic oils) The priming we use is compatible... [See More]

  • Integrated Level Gauge Options: Sight
  • Dimensions: 22" x 18" x 20"
  • Reservoir Capacity: 10
  • Material: Steel