Adsorbent Compressed Air Filters Datasheets

Compressed Air Flanged Adsorber Filter -- PF 2FV HE
from Chicago Pneumatic and Pneumatech

Pneumatech filter elements are incorporated into solid housings, which are designed for easy maintenance and fast filter element replacement. What makes the Flanged range unique?. Optimal internal design ensures high performance while keeping the pressure drop of the filter low. Special coating... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Adsorbent
  • Maximum Pressure: 232
  • Maximum Volume: 1801.0
  • Connection: ANSI 4"
LFX-1-D-MAXI Activated Carbon Compressed Air filter -- 532787
from Festo Corporation

Activated carbon filter LFX-1-D-MAXI High performance filter for virtually oil-free, odourless compressed air, suitable for use in the food processing industry Size=Maxi, Series=D, Assembly position=Vertical +/- 5 Â °, Design structure=(* Active carbon filter, * Fibre filter), Bowl... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Adsorbent
  • Maximum Pressure: 0 to 232
  • Maximum Volume: 38.8
  • Operating Temperature: 14 to 140
Activated Carbon Compressed Air Filters -- F Series (Grade A)
from Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies / Air Motors

F-Series advanced compressed air filters reduce contamination in your air stream to help protect critical processes and valuable equipment. Rigorously tested and engineered with superior components, F-Series filters will provide years of reliable performance and consistently high quality air. [See More]

  • Filter Type: Adsorbent
  • Maximum Pressure: 250
  • Maximum Volume: 17.0 to 1600.0
  • Operating Temperature: 34 to 86
Activated Carbon Tower -- KAT Series
from Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Models: KAT Series. Capactities: 60-5500 scfm. Kaeser's activated carbon towers (KATs) virtually eliminate hydrocarbon vapors in compressed air. These single tower pressure vessels are filled with activated carbon adsorbent that adsorbs contaminants onto the surface of its internal pores. KATs are... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Adsorbent
  • Maximum Volume: 60.0 to 5500.0
Activated Carbon Tower - Clean Air Treatment -- KAT 1000
from Accessorie Air Compressor Systems

Kaeser's Activated carbon Towers (KAT) are single tower pressure vessels filled with activated carbon adsorbent, that virtually eliminates oil vapor in compressed air. Other hydrocarbon vapors normally absorbable by activated carbon are also removed. KAT's are used where oil vapor and odor... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Adsorbent
  • Maximum Pressure: 200
  • Maximum Volume: 1000.0
  • Connection: 4 in. Flange
Model F-1200AW
from Beach Filter Products, Inc.

In-line filter - filter weight: 100 lbs. [See More]

  • Filter Type: Coalescing; Adsorbent; Combination
  • Maximum Volume: 1200.0
  • Filter Size: 0.3000
  • Maximum Pressure: 250
Air Drying and Filtration Excelon Series
from Central Air Compressor Co.

Excelon Series. Inline installation. Performance Tested. Durable, Aluminum Construction. Product. Coalescing Filter. Absorbing Filter. General Purpose Filter. Regulators. Filter/Regulator. Lubricators. Relief Valves [See More]

  • Filter Type: General Purpose; Coalescing; Adsorbent
  • Features: Gauge (optional feature); Integral Lubricator
  • Drain: Manual
Moduflex FRLs P3H Series -- P3HFA11ASMN
from Parker Hannifin / Automation / Pneumatic - Europe

Moduflex Extra Compressed Air Filters. Moduflex Extra Compressed Air Filters provide air quality in accordance with ISO 8573.1:2001, the international standard for compressed air quality. Moduflex Extras coalescing filters are the first range of filters specifically designed to deliver air quality... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Adsorbent
  • Operating Temperature: -13 to 122
  • Maximum Volume: 12.7
  • Drain: Manual
FluidPro™ FPC Series
from Pentair Industrial

FluidPro ™ FPC In-Line Compressed Air Cartridge Housings are aluminum, high-efficiency housings allowing a maximum air pressure of 232 PSIG and maximum flow rate of 1270 SCFM depending on port size. They provide high-efficiency air filtration up to 99.9999% depending on filter media. [See More]

  • Filter Type: General Purpose (optional feature); Coalescing (optional feature); Adsorbent (optional feature)
  • Maximum Volume: 1270.0
  • Filter Size: 0.0100
  • Maximum Pressure: 232
from SOLBERG Manufacturing, Inc.

Reduces high frequency noise up to 30 dB, absorptive silencer [See More]

  • Filter Type: Adsorbent
  • Operating Temperature: -15 to 220
  • Maximum Volume: 42.0
  • Connection: 1" NPT