Combination Filter Compressed Air Filters Datasheets

CP Compressor Air Filters -- FILTER 105
from Chicago Pneumatic and Pneumatech

To protect your investment, equipment and processes, CP Compressors has developed a complete range of particulate, coalescing and adsorbing filters which efficiently reduce all types of contamination with minimal pressure drop. The innovative filtration solutions will suit the high quality air... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Coalescing; Adsorbent (optional feature); Combination (optional feature)
  • Maximum Pressure: 232
  • Maximum Volume: 106.0
  • Operating Temperature: 151
LFMBA-1-D-MAXI Fine Compressed Air Filter combination -- 162665
from Festo Corporation

Fine filter combination LFMBA-1-D-MAXI Micro filter 1 Â µm for prefiltration and micro filter 0.01 Â µm, with metal bowl guard. Size=Maxi, Series=D, Assembly position=Vertical +/- 5 Â °, Grade of filtration=0,01 Â µm, Filter efficiency=99,9999 % [See More]

  • Filter Type: Combination
  • Maximum Pressure: 15 to 232
  • Filter Size: 0.0100
  • Operating Temperature: 14 to 140
Air/Oil Combination Filter

Airbrasive ® Air/Oil Filters will filter the air in your work environment removing oil, water, and harmful contaminants. Our Air/Oil Filters are 99.9% efficient against sub-micron particles that will be in the air while you work. FEATURES. Combination filter specifically designed to remove... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Coalescing; Combination
  • Connection: 1/4" NPT
  • Maximum Pressure: 150
Pneumatic / Compressed Air Filter-Regulator: 1 inch NPT female ports -- AFR-6833

NITRA pneumatic combination particulate / moisture separation filter and adjustable pressure regulator, 1 inch NPT female ports, replaceable 40 micron filter element, semi-automatic drain, metal bowl with sight gauge, 20-130 psi adjustable range, locking adjustment knob, integral pressure gauge, and... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Combination
  • Maximum Pressure: 20 to 130
  • Filter Size: 40
  • Drain: Automatic
Model F-1200AW
from Beach Filter Products, Inc.

In-line filter - filter weight: 100 lbs. [See More]

  • Filter Type: Coalescing; Adsorbent; Combination
  • Maximum Volume: 1200.0
  • Filter Size: 0.3000
  • Maximum Pressure: 250
Filenco Dryer/Filter -- CD-625-150
from Central Air Compressor Co.

Dryer / Filter. Clay Desiccant. Activated Carbon. Combination. Molecular Sieve Desiccant. Separators. Moisture Indicators. Air Cooled/Aftercooler. 35 to 750 SCFM. 1 Phase and 3 Phase. Metrafilter. 5 Micron Filters. Includes Differential Pressure Gauge And Auto Float Drain [See More]

  • Filter Type: Combination
  • Maximum Volume: 35.0 to 750.0
  • Filter Size: 5
  • Drain: Automatic
Air Filters -- MAF-3
from Montalvo Corporation

The Montalvo MPC-4ce electro-pneumatic converter provides accurate, dependable conversion of a DC current signal into a proportional pneumatic output. Operating on a 4 to 20 milliamp input, no additional AC or DC power is required. The MPC-4ce has a high flow rate, providing the rapid response... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Combination
  • Maximum Pressure: 2176
  • Filter Size: 5
  • Operating Temperature: 40 to 140