Other / Specialized Type Compressed Air Filters

Dust Compressed Air Filters -- F Series (Grade D)
from Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies / Air Motors

F-Series advanced compressed air filters reduce contamination in your air stream to help protect critical processes and valuable equipment. Rigorously tested and engineered with superior components, F-Series filters will provide years of reliable performance and consistently high quality air. [See More]

  • Filter Size: 1
  • Maximum Pressure: 250
  • Maximum Volume: 17.0 to 1600.0
  • Operating Temperature: 34 to 176
Vacuum Pump Inlet & Exhaust Filters -- 9955-12-371H
from Parker Hannifin Filtration and Separation Div. / Balston Products

Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters remove all visible oil mist from vacuum pump exhaust, even when it is saturated with oil. The exhaust gas may be recycled to the process or the pumps may exhaust into a clean work area, eliminating the need to run ductwork and exhaust pipes outside. The high... [See More]

  • Maximum Volume: 3.0