Ethernet / Networkable Web Tension Indicators Datasheets

SteadyWeb™5 Digital Tension Controller - Drive Output -- D Version
from Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc.

The SteadyWeb ™ 5 Tension Controller combines a full-featured, automatic, closed-loop tension control unit with the most intuitive user interface ever developed for the web process industries. Its output stability and versatility in managing web tension in the most challenging applications are... [See More]

  • Interface: Switches; Digital Front Panel; Network (optional feature)
  • Form Factor: Chassis; Wall-Mount Full Enclosure
  • Features: Rate Indication/ Control
  • Type: Serial / Digital Input (optional feature); RS-232 or RS-485
Chemically Resistant Sensor -- ToughSonic CHEM 10
from Senix Distance and Level Sensors

The ToughSonic CHEM 10 is a chemically resistant ultrasonic sensor designed for applications where corrosive liquids or gasses are present, but it is an excellent choice for benign environments as well. With a maximum range of 10 feet (3 meters), it is the smallest sensor in the ToughSonic CHEM... [See More]

  • Interface: Computer Programmable; Network
  • Features: Datalogger; Is a Chart Recorder; PC-Based (optional feature)
  • Control: Limit; Linear
  • Type: DC Voltage Inputs
CrossCheck™ Sensor Controller
from Bytewise Measurement Systems

The CrossCheck Industrial Sensor Controller enhances machine control and product verification. Combined with our innovative CrossCheck Software and wide variety of accessories like the Sensor Universal Mounting Plate & Articulating Arm, Multifunction I/O Device and Visual Signal Indicator —... [See More]

  • Interface: Network
  • Control: Limit; Linear; Feedforward
  • Controller Type: Sensor Controller
  • Features: Multi-Function