Mounting:Other Industrial Joysticks Datasheets

Joystick -- KB
from Euchner-U.S.A., Inc.

EUCHNER Industrial Joysticks are manually actuated motion control switches. They are used on equipment that requires operator control of one or more axis. Features such as multiple switches per direction, interlocks, pushbuttons, mounting plates and bellows offer our customers a wide variety of... [See More]

  • Number of Actuations: 1x106 Operating Cycles
  • Switches: Friction Hold; Spring Return (Centering)
  • Number of Actuating Directions: 1 to 8
  • Switching Elements: Normally Open; Normally Closed (optional feature); Changeover (optional feature)
Master Controller -- S331
from Schaltbau GmbH

Schaltbau master controllers operate worldwide in urban transportation. and main-line rail vehicles, providing maximum safety, reliability. and long life. The modular, customized structure of the master controllers provides. diverse variation options in design and arrangement of the individual. [See More]

  • Number of Axes: 1-Axis Control
  • Number of Actuating Directions: 2
  • Number of Actuations: 1000000
  • Switches: Spring Return (Centering) (optional feature)
X-keys XK-12+Joystick -- Xk-0983-UAJ12-R
from P.I. Engineering, Inc.

Precision three axis USB joystick (twist for Z). Perfect for hand held or small footprint desktop locations. Define unique operations for each program you use. Instantly program macros, hot keys or multiple steps. One tap access to your favorite tools and functions. Supported by MacroWorks 3... [See More]

  • Number of Axes: 3-Axis Control
  • Number of Actuating Directions: 3
  • Number of Actuations: Guaranteed for more than 1 million operations
  • Switching Elements: Normally Open
Designator Two Axis Control -- Model 475
from Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems Inc

Models 475 and 485 have a designator and two axis control with switch. Models 475 and 485 are for use in control grips such as Model 1505. They include a joystick with spring loaded axial motion to operate an SPDT switch. The Model 475 is for less severe environments. Model 485 is sealed for severe... [See More]

  • Number of Axes: 2-Axis Control
  • Number of Actuating Directions: 4
  • Number of Actuations: 1000000 Cycles
  • Switches: Spring Return (Centering)