4-20 mA Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

Hand Communicator -- MS—H375
from Micro Sensor Co., Ltd.

MS —H375 communicator is handed remote communication device, it uses Bell202 standard frequency excursion technique, conforming to HART protocol. This communicator could communicate with Micro Sensor ’s MPM486, MDM3051 intelligent pressure with HART protocol; interface connecting is... [See More]

  • Communications: 4-20 mA; LCD; HART Protocol
  • Features: Process Monitoring
  • Analog I/O Points: 1
Display and Alarm Controller -- C2 Protector
from Global Detection Systems Corp.

Local or remote input, 3 independent alarm levels, SPDT common alarm [See More]

  • Communications: Serial Comm. (optional feature); 4-20 mA; Ethernet (optional feature); LCD; PLC (optional feature)
  • Analog I/O Points: 2
  • Serial Ports: 1
  • Features: Alarming; Data Logging; Environmental Monitoring; Expansion Card; Intrinsically Safe; Process Monitoring; Weather Tight Enclosure