Communications:Other Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) Datasheets

300 Remote Terminal Unit -- Saturn
from Micro Sensor Co., Ltd.

Power Supply: 18V~30V DC (suggested 24V DC). Storage Temp.: -40 ℃~80 ℃. Input Signal: 0V~5V DC, 0mA~20mA DC [See More]

  • Communications: Serial Comm.; 4-20 mA; Ethernet; Wireless communication
  • Analog I/O Points: 5
  • Serial Ports: 1
  • Digital I/O Points: 4
Protection & Control -- Multilin™ Field RTU
from GE Digital Energy

The Multilin DGCM Field RTU enables a utility to optimize operational planning, enables short- / long term load forecasting, and asset tracking through power quality monitoring. This is accomplished through the monitoring of feeder voltages. The Multilin Field RTU is suitable for most pole-top and... [See More]

  • Communications: Serial Comm.; Radio (optional feature); Cellular
  • Analog I/O Points: 2 to 4
  • Serial Ports: 1
  • Digital I/O Points: 6
Modular Controller -- M4RTU
from Opto 22

Opto 22 Modular Controller is designed for use with FactoryFloor software. [See More]

  • Communications: Serial Comm.; Ethernet (optional feature); Fiber Optic (optional feature); ARCNET
  • Analog I/O Points: 4 to 8
  • Serial Ports: 2
  • Digital I/O Points: 8 to 16
RAM® 6000 Cellular RTUs
from Red Lion Controls, Inc.

Overview: Red Lion ’s Sixnet ® series RAM ® 6000 cellular RTUs with GPS and multi-carrier 4G LTE support, feature up to five Ethernet ports and a RS-232 serial port. Featuring a web-based event engine that can trigger built-in I/O or send SMS text messages based on real-time... [See More]

  • Communications: Serial Comm.; Ethernet; RAM 6000 cellular
  • Digital I/O Points: 5
  • Serial Ports: 1