Gas Laboratory Filters Datasheets

Quartz Frits -- QPD10-0
from Technical Glass Products, Inc. - OH

A frit is defined as a porous filter composed of bonded grains of quartz glass. Frits are manufactured from the same high purity raw material as our tubing and rod. Some applications of fritted discs include filtration of liquids or corrosive gas, heat diffusion, flow regulation, and chemically... [See More]

  • Sample Type: Gas
  • Filter Medium Material: Glass Fiber
  • Filter Type: Quartz Frits
  • Disc Diameter, Sheet Width: 10
Overmolded Filter -- 0077880-00-110
from Filtertek Inc.

Designed for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries [See More]

  • Sample Type: Liquid; Gas
  • Configuration: Filter and Housing
  • Filter Type: Membrane
  • Filter Medium Material: PTFE (optional feature); Polyethersulfone (optional feature)