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NI PXI-5660 2.7 GHz RF Vector Signal Analyzer, 32 MB -- 778284-01
from National Instruments

The NI PXI-5660 is a modular 2.7 GHz RF vector signal analyzer (VSA) optimized for automated test. It provides high-throughput RF measurements in a compact, 3U PXI package. The PXI-5660 features a wide real-time bandwidth, a highly stable timebase, and flexible software tools that can handle... [See More]

  • Special Instrument Type: Fixed
  • Test Type: Modulation
  • Analyzer Type: PC
  • Frequency Range: 9 to 2.70E6
Compact Multi-Analyzer -- OR35
from OROS

OR35 is the portable real-time multi-analyzer that integrates the best of sound & vibration analysis technology in a truly mobile instrument. OR35 is the synthesis of the ultimate OR3x technology and OROS' wealth of experience of measurement. Designed to be the best for field operations, OR35 takes... [See More]

  • Special Instrument Type: Portable
  • Test Type: Noise
  • Analyzer Type: Instrument; PC (optional feature)
  • Analysis Type: Fast Fourier Transform